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Dead Ecosystem

Hi, I’m Desmond Bibble. Did you know that over 70% of all amphibian life in the mid-west ecosystem has vanished? Also, algae and other oxygen depriving life are now found to be smothering a vast number of lakes and swamps. Unfortunately there is no reversing these effects while the general population continue to exploit the environment and use it as our own personal playground. Jet skis, speed boats and lake shore housing all contribute refuse and chemical waste, ultimately destroying the habitats of frogs, turtles, fish and birds. And this is just on a small, local scale, right here in our beloved Midwest. On a world scale the problem is even worse. I think it’s pretty clear that we need to make a difference. We need to change our behavior and attitude towards our environment. We need to save the planet.
But, we all know we aren’t going to do a damn thing. We aren’t going to change. We, as a species, are mostly ignorant, foolish, destructive, selfish and parasitic. We think we’re smart. But what is our frame of reference. I mean, there’s dolphins. They’re pretty clever, but they don’t even have TV dinners. Or TVs! So we must be smart because we have microwaves, and shoe horns, and velcro and things like that, right? Wrong. If we were smart, we’d stop breeding. We’d stop buying ostentatious, ridiculously large SUVs, stop sending out flyers for curtains and credit card applications, stop making newspapers, and stop printing NASCAR bumper stickers.
Lots of people have children because it’s the only thing they can create without taxing their intellect. And the sad truth is you’re really not contributing to anything, but the problem. Remember, if you had to sit an exam to be a parent, you’d probably fail. So, don’t be afraid to not have 10 or 12 children. Don’t be afraid to not have any. The children aren’t our future. No one is. Remember, the less there is of you, the better it is for the planet.
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